Model Tools to Assess the Production and Financial Reliability of Knowledge-Intensive and High-Tech Enterprises

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Коды JEL: O12, O21, O33

Страницы: 154-162


Khrustalev E.Yu. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation 

Khrustalev O.E. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation 

Importance The article considers the problems of evaluating the production and financial reliability of enterprises involved in high-tech project implementation for development and manufacture of innovative products.
Objectives To accelerate progress in the knowledge-intensive and high-technology sphere of production, it is crucial to choose companies with the highest reliability indices as potential performers of innovative projects. It requires new integrated and accurate tools to assess financial-economic and scientific-production reliability of a modern enterprise.
Methods The offered methodology and tools rely on the complex use of modified methods of expert assessment and audit of all corporate operations. We suggest using several indicators of enterprises, for which experts give a clear assessment of their reliability. These indicators are easy to understand and adequately reflect the status of the analyzed company.
Results We developed a method providing precise estimates of reliability even with a limited number of initial data. During the evaluation process, we considered financial, economic, scientific and production components of enterprise's reliability. The proposed models and methods enable to choose the most reliable company to implement innovative projects, to be included into integration structures, and to grant loans.
Conclusions and Relevance The developed methodological approach and model make it possible to integrate quantitative indicators of practical activities of individual company, as well as qualitative indicators of its efficiency from the standpoint of reliability of achieving the targets.

Ключевые слова: reliability, knowledge?intensive project, risk, audit, performance evaluation, expert assessment

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